Medicine & Drugs

FDA Consumer Drug Information
Each of the Consumer Drug Information Sheets posted on this site gives general information about newly approved prescription drugs. The complete packet inserts for drugs approved since January 1998 can also be found here.

Household Products Database
Learn the contents of household products. This site provides information about the health effects of ingesting, inhaling or skin contact with common household products. You can search by product, manufacturer or ingredients of health effects.
PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs
Search this site for comprehensive information about more than 1,000 prescription medications, including side effects and possible food and drug interactions. Data supplied by the Physicians Desk Reference Family Guide to Prescription Drugs.
RxList The Internet Drug Index
The RxList database consists primarily of products currently on the U.S. market or close to approval. Included here is information on topics such as drug interactions, side effects and indications, as well as a list of top 200 prescriptions. Also included is a pill identifier.

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