Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP)

This program is for patrons of any age! It is an 8-week series held in New Lexington on each Monday, April 3 - May 22. 

About the Program:

The Diabetes Empowerment Education Program, also known as DEEP™, is a free educational series designed to help people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, relatives and caregivers gain a better understanding of diabetes self-care.

You'll learn about:

  • How the human body works
  • How to avoid the risk factors for diabetes
  • Monitoring glucose levels and other symptoms
  • Tips for adding more physical activity and movement to your day
  • Planning your meals to improve eating habits and maintaining good nutrition
  • Identifying and preventing diabetes complications
  • Diabetes medications and tips for communicating with your health care team
  • Managing stress and involving your family and friends in your lifestyle changes to manage diabetes

Registration is required and you can register one of two ways:

1) Call Leslie at (740)-541-2714
2) E-Mail sclark@centralstate.edu

Find this event on our online calendar!

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