Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Mission: Explore, Educate, Enjoy!

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: To offer up-to-date, relevant

technological resources.

  • Provide and maintain an adequate number of computer workstations for public use, equipped with up-to-date software options and  Internet access;
  • Provide public access to the Internet 24/7, both inside and outside all Perry County District Library locations;
  • Have an active presence on the web via social networking sites and the library website;
  • Offer early literacy enrichment tools and continuing education to youth through technological devices;
  • Provide current technological devices that are accessible to all users.

Goal 2: To be a primary resource for those    who are displaced from employment, searching for employment, changing careers, exploring career options, or preparing for a career.

  • Partner with other local agencies to provide job & career information assistance, materials and services;
  • Provide tools to assist those preparing for employment;
  • Provide free computer classes and other free educational opportunities that will assist individuals in preparing for employment.

Goal 3: All community members will be made aware that the library is a comfortable, welcoming, neutral environment.

  • Community groups and citizens of Perry County will have access to neutral meeting facilities;
  • All visitors will feel safe and welcome, through the positive actions of the staff and the materials and services available to all;
  • Accommodations will be promoted to the public through various media outlets.

Goal 4: All visitors will have access to information about current issues and events, world issues, and high-interest topics through a well-rounded, up-to-date collection of materials and resources.

  • Proper weeding techniques will be employed to ensure a current collection of titles;
  • Material selection will be done in   accordance with the guidelines   documented in the Policy & Procedure Manual, and will be relevant and timely;
  • Displays will be used to showcase and market materials;
  • All staff will be trained and responsible for maintaining good display and marketing techniques;
  • Perry County District Library will adapt the collection as needs and uses change.

Goal 5: We will foster a love of reading and provide literacy enrichment opportunities for all.

  • Staff will provide quality reference assistance to patrons of all ages;
  • The Youth Services team will stay current with new standards and be able to assist educators, parents, and students with their library needs;
  • The library will offer outreach services to those with special needs or unable to come to the library, including, but not limited to, those in long-term care facilities, the      juvenile detention facility, schools, developmental disability organizations, and the homebound.
  • Materials, opportunities for socialization, and common space will be provided to meet the needs of students of all ages, including traditional students, homeschoolers, college students, and adults.
  • Perry County District Library will adapt programs and services as needs and uses change to promote life-long learning.