Teachers & Educators

Staff at PCDL are eager to assist teachers and educators in our communities.  We can do this by pulling items on a topic that you are planning to cover in your class, by creating specialized collections for school projects or assignments, or by providing you with materials that will help you develop your classroom curriculum.

If you would like to make a collection request, a.k.a. have items pulled on a particular topic or issue, please contact us with the following information. 

  • Date by which the materials are needed (please request at least a week in advance)
  • Your name
  • Phone #
  • Library card #
  • School 
  • Grade/age level
  • Subject/theme of the collection
  • Approximate number of items needed
  • Preferred format (books, magazines, DVDs, etc.)
  • Pick-up location

You can also print and fill out a Collection Request Form and drop it off at any PCDL location. 

Once your collection request is received, we will begin working to pull the items and to send them to the appropriate location.  If you have any other questions, please contact the Children's Department