Web Resources

  • Ancestry.com: Provides some online services for free but others require a paid subscription.  Useful information can be had without a subscription, though.
  • FamilySearch: Created and maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this site offers a vast array of genealogical information and research assistance.  One of the most useful sites on the Web.
  • The USGenWeb Project: Portal to free genealogy sites for counties and states across the United States.
  • Local History & Genealogy Reading Room - Library of Congress: Provides access to bibliographies, Web directories, and the Library's local history and genealogy collection catalog.  The larger Library of Congress website provides a wealth of information as well.
  • National Archives & Records Administration: Enables researchers to locate ancestors within a variety of federal records and documents, including military records.
  • Ellis Island: Searchable index of Ellis Island/Port of New York passenger records.
  • National Center for Health Statistics: Developed the Research Data Centers (RDC) to allow researchers access to restricted data.