Loan Periods, Fines, & Fees

 With the exception of DVDs, there is no limit to the number of items that may be checked out at one time.  DVDs are limited to five (5) per day per cardholder.  Materials can be returned to any PCDL location. 

Loan Periods

Loan Periods

Books, CDs, CD-ROMs, Audio Books, & Non-Fiction Videos 28 days
Popular Videos, DVDs, and Magazines 7 days


Most Materials (maximum $2.00 fine per item) $0.10/day
Browsing Collection Materials $0.50/day

 Please note: borrowing privileges are temporarily revoked when fines exceed $10.00.  All items 40 days overdue are assumed lost, and a bill for replacement will be attached to the patron account.  Accounts are sent to Unique National Collections after a patron has been notified of an amount exceeding $50.00 and fails to respond within two weeks of the notification. Material Repair/Replacement Fees are determined on an individual basis upon evaluation of item.

Copy & Printing Charges

8 1/2 x 11 size  
Black & White Print $0.10 each
Color Print $0.50 each
Black & White $0.20 each
Color $1.00 each

Fax Charges

Outgoing $2.50 first page
$0.25 / additional page
Incoming $0.10 per page

Please note: We no longer offer International Fax Service.