Loan Periods, Fines, & Fees

With the exception of DVDs, there is no limit to the number of items that may be checked out at one time.  DVDs are limited to eight (8) per day per cardholder.  Materials can be returned to any PCDL location. 

Loan Periods

Loan Periods

Books, CDs, CD-ROMs, Audio Books, & Non-Fiction Videos 28 days
Entertainment Movies and Magazines 7 days


  1. Fines
    • Overdue items
      • All regularly circulated materials (books, audio books, movies, music CDs and magazines) will not accumulate fines for being in overdue status.
      • All regularly circulated materials automatically renew up to four times if no item request is placed on the material.
      • Specialty items/equipment will continue to accumulate fines at the rate set in the policy/agreement approved by the Board of Trustees when added to the collection. (*see note below).
      • Borrowing privileges will be temporarily revoked when a borrower has three or more items in overdue or lost status, or when the borrower owes $10.00 or more in fees.
      • After 30 days, overdue items are assumed lost and a bill for replacement will be attached to the borrower’s account.  Accounts are sent to Unique Management Services, Inc. after a borrower has been notified of an account balance exceeding $50.00 and fails to respond within two weeks of the notification.
      • If materials are returned after the account has been sent to collections, the collections fee is still the responsibility of the borrower.
    • *Note:  Specialty items include, but are not limited to, museum passes, adaptive toys/equipment, mobile hot spots, and launch pads.
  1.  Damaged items/Replacement fees
    • Material repair/replacement are determined on an individual basis upon evaluation of the item. 
    • Items that are lost or damaged beyond repair must be charged to the borrower’s account at the price listed on the item record.  If the item was owned by Perry County District Library, the borrower has the option of purchasing a replacement copy and brining it in.  The replacement copy must be new and have the same ISBN.  Processing fees will still be charged to the patron’s account.  Lost or damaged items not owned by PCDL must be paid for; a replacement copy will not be accepted.
    • Items returned with evidence of insects, fecal matter, urine, blood, or other dangerous or unremovable substances cannot be returned to the collection and are therefore considered damaged beyond repair.  The item should be bagged, immediately removed from the building and discarded. The charge for the item must be placed on the patron record along with a discrete note indicating a first incident of this nature. If the borrower is still in the building at the time of the return, a staff person (preferably the Supervisor on duty or the Director) will talk with the individual in a private, confidential and respectful manner about the matter. If the item is left in the book drop, it will be bagged, immediately removed from the building and discarded. A call will be placed to the borrower by the Supervisor on duty or the Director. If a message must be left, the message should only ask for the borrower to call the library. No details should be mentioned in the message.  The borrower is responsible for the cost of the item.  (Please see Section 7.1 (F.) for additional information).


  1. Interlibrary loans
    • Fines and fees are incurred on ILL materials using these same guidelines.



Copy & Printing Charges

8 1/2 x 11 size  
Black & White Print $0.10 each
Color Print $0.50 each
Black & White $0.20 each
Color $1.00 each

Fax Charges

Outgoing $2.50 first page
$0.25 / additional page
Incoming $0.10 per page

Please note: We no longer offer International Fax Service.