Zoom Event with Local Author Jerry Roth!

Join us for a virtual Zoom discussion with local author, Jerry Roth, author of Bottom Feeders.

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Jerry Roth is the author of the bestselling novel Bottom Feeders from Sunbury Press. He graduated from The Ohio State University where he studied English Literature. He has written for Ohio newspapers and sports articles for the Disc Golf Pro Tour. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife Tricia and children. His novel, On the Tip of Her Tongue, will release on June 8th, 2021.

Copies of Bottom Feeders can be checked out at any PCDL location. The book's blurb is below:

Would you recognize the Devil if you met him?

A decaying prison hides a dark secret. Robert Deville, the youngest prison warden in the history of the state, never expected to feel a supernatural connection in a prison. After discovering a diary, Robert learns a prisoner, rumored to be the Devil, was hidden away under his feet.

Was this prisoner responsible for a fire that killed hundreds of prisoners? Did he play a part in the murder of a local family years earlier? Robert must learn the prisoner’s true identity and unravel why he hasn’t aged in decades?

Surviving a relationship with an abusive ex-husband, Jenny Deville is dealing with the pain of her past. Noticing a sudden change in her son’s behavior, and his horrifying drawings of murders, no child should ever witness, she must discover the cause.

As local children mysteriously disappear, there is little time to prove who the killer really is.